Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope.


Youth United

Youth United is a Habitat for Humanity program that brings young people together from all walks of life to play active roles in transforming their communities. Youth United mobilizes young people to sponsor and build a house each year. Through Youth United, students gain a better understanding of their communities and poverty housing. All students are engaged in fundraising, education and advocacy activities and those over 16 help with actual house construction.

The four goals of Youth United

- Foster teamwork among diverse groups of youth.
- Educate youth about Habitat’s mission through service, advocacy, fundraising and building.
- Encourage collaboration among Youth United members, the affiliate and local community.
- Develop youth leadership through their actions and initiatives.

How do Youth United groups raise money to build houses?
There are several different ways to raise money, from running a car wash to writing grant applications. You can download the Youth United fundraising guide for more ideas.

I’m 16 or older. Can I help build a Habitat house?

Yes! You can participate in almost all aspects of construction of a Habitat for Humanity home.

I’m younger than 16. Can I help build a Habitat house?
There are several ways you can participate; you can raise funds, advocate, reach out to involve your community, plan events, paint, and landscape. Unfortunately, no one under 16 is allowed to be present on a Habitat build site while construction is taking place. This is strictly enforced for liability reasons.

This sounds great! How do I join Youth United?

For information about joining Youth United, please click on the Get Involved tab to the left.