Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope.


Homeowner Expectations

Our partner families are the heart and soul of our organization. Partner families should keep in mind that you are representatives of our ministry. Your behavior reflects on our organization and we want that to always be in a positive light. After being accepted into our program, partner families are expected to do the following:

1. Begin paying the $1,250 down payment.

2. Complete the 200-300 sweat equity hours in a timely manner. Arrangements can be made for those that are physically unable to do sweat equity.

3. Be present for the construction of your home every Saturday during the build. If this is not possible because of your work schedule or another conflict, you must notify the Director of Family Services immediately.

4. Sign in and greet the volunteers working on your home each Saturday.

5. Attend all education classes.

6. You may be asked to speak at various events as a representative of Habitat both before and after moving into your home.

After moving into your home, homeowners are expected to pay their mortgage and other fees on time. If there is an extenuating circumstance that will prevent you from doing so, you are expected to tell us as soon as possible. Failure to do so will result in late fees and possibly foreclosure. Keep in mind that all of your mortgage payments go back to our ministry, helping us build more homes for deserving families. By not paying your mortgage, you are limiting our ability to help more families.

Homeowners are also expected to maintain their homes. Again, as a representative of Habitat, people in the community are looking to you to see what Habitat homeowners are like. When we go into a new community to build a home, the neighbors will often drive by current Habitat homes to see if they are well maintained. If your home is not well maintained, it could prevent us from being able to help more families in the future.