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Habitat for Humanity International is currently looking for a Purchasing Manager and are hiring for three positions for our ReStore in Roswell:

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Purchasing Manager

Habitat for Humanity-North Central Georgia, Inc. has an opening for a full-time Purchasing Coordinator based in Roswell, Georgia.  Habitat-NCG, an independent affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, is a non-profit housing ministry serving North Fulton, Cherokee, Forsyth and Dawson counties.  The Habitat homeownership program is open to all people, regardless of race, religion, color or creed.  Habitat-NCG is an equal opportunity employer.

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Position Summary:

The Purchasing Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the purchasing activities to support new home construction and the rehabilitation of existing homes in the service area of Habitat-North Central Georgia.  Utilizing best purchasing techniques, the Purchasing Coordinator will provide materials on site at the appointed time to ensure the construction process is on schedule for each and every build. The Purchasing Coordinator reports to the affiliate’s Director of Construction.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Material Purchasing:  The construction process is handled on a just-in-time material supply basis.  Thus, the Purchasing Coordinator must schedule and purchase and track and verify material deliveries for every build.  It is critical that all the materials arrive on time and complete in order to keep the build process on schedule.  Since each house is unique, the materials list must be verified to the house being built so the correct items are delivered on schedule.

Vendor Support:  The Purchasing Coordinator must coordinate with vendors to ensure that all required materials are on site to support the construction schedule   It is also necessary to track vendor pricing to ensure that we retain the best, competitively-priced vendors for each and every job.  

Construction Support:  The Purchasing Coordinator supports the construction staff before and during home construction.  It is his/her responsibility to not only ensure material supply but also to ensure that tools are available and in good working order for the construction staff and volunteers.  The Purchasing Coordinator helps plan and coordinate site development, pre-construction, and construction activities with Habitat-NCG’s Site Development Manager; attends and  prepares documents for pre-construction meetings with Habitat-NCG homeowners; organizes tools and “tool trailers;” supports sub-contractors’ work and scheduling; and ensures compliance with all applicable ordinances, laws and regulations, including OSHA regulations and applicable building codes and Energy Star requirements.

Gifts-in-Kind Management: The Purchasing Coordinator manages Gifts-in-Kind processes, ordering and scheduling delivery of materials donated by national sponsors of Habitat for Humanity International.

Budget & Billing Support:  The Purchasing Coordinator tracks expenses to ensure that costs do not exceed budget requirements.  This also includes supporting the billing process by ensuring that the bills are coded and paid on schedule.


A.A. or Bachelor degree or equivalent work experience; physically able to participate in construction activities; highly organized; strong communication, interpersonal, and motivational skills; adaptable to changes in schedules and site conditions; comfortable in a faith-based environment; a passion for Habitat’s mission. Computer proficiency in Outlook, Word and Excel required; competency in scheduling and drafting programs (e.g., Microsoft Project, AutoCad) is a plus. Construction experience in residential building is a plus.